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We are Samba Fruits

We are your consistent quality supplier!

SambaFruits is a registered Canadian and Brazilian company that works with local Brazilian fruit and vegetable producers to export the best products at a very reasonable price.

Our Company

With representatives in Brazil and in Canada, we thrive at offering the best quality products to our Canadian clients.
We will do this with total respect for the local producers.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver the best quality products while respecting our producers and partners.
We will always choose quality over quantity, respect for our producers over higher profit.

Our Team

We are a dedicated group of partners working hard to find the most professional and dedicated producers in Brazil.
In Canada, we are close to our clients, trying our best to find the solutions to help them achieve their objectives.

Our fruits

We work with the most professional growers in Brazil. We are always on the lookout to find the best products for you. We are now working with figs, atemoyas, Persimmons, dragon fruits, limes, watermelon, melons, peaches and much more to come!


We work with a great family who has been producing figs for 3 generations. The fruits are 2 hours away from the airport. Between being picked and eaten, 3 days has passed.


A family business, our producers has been in the growing business for 4 generations. They have a reputation of excellence and honesty.


The producers who work with us offer incredible quality and great volumes.


We work with a renowned producer who can offer both conventional and organic (certified) fruits.

We are continuing to “grow” our network of producers.

We can also work with specific demands from clients in Canada.

We have developed a strong network and could rapidly and efficiently find qualified producers for Canadian clients.

How does it work?

We build exportations projects for local producer. We help them in bringing their product to the international market. We find the clients, negotiate the contracts, organize the logistics and work with all parties to have sustainable, long lasting relationship.

Our strength is to find solutions and package them in the most valuable way for the client and the producer. Our added value comes from our capacity to implement solutions that will bring a higher return for our partners.

Our usual project
will go like this:

1We find a producer that has a great product that corresponds and who wants to export.

2We help him get the permits, licensing and we organize the logistics to bring his product from the field to the Canadian market.

3We support him and also work with all parties (logistics, banks, clients).

4We are also member of the DRC (dispute resolution council) in Canada, so we can rapidly resolve any situation that could occur.

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